Explorers raise over £1,600 for the Poppy Appeal

This year the Explorers raised a massive £1,684.99 for the Poppy Appeal and even received a special certificate for Outstanding Contribution from the local branch of the Royal British Legion. Having earned their spurs last year by staking out previously unknown pitches in bitterly cold weather, this year they were rewarded with some prime spots at the London-Brighton Rally in Regents’ Street. Calum, Jaye, Nelly and Magnus worked solidly for over three hours, and were well rewarded for their efforts.

The following week, Lottie, Helen and Balan decided to try their luck at the Lord Mayor’s Show. Despite a slow start, they quickly managed to talk their way onto the processional route. As well as getting an excellent view of the parade (and nearly being run over by military bands and horses), they soon found their tins were becoming unbearably heavy. Well done to everyone that took part in the collections. More of the same next year please!

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