The Scout Troop – for boys and girls aged 10 to 14 – meets weekly for 90 minutes. There is also a busy programme of weekend camps and activities.

We have camps and weekend activities nearly every month of the year, starting in early January with Wintercamp.

During the year we go hiking, canoeing, sailing and cycling.

A week-long summer camp is usually the highlight of the programme: in recent years we have been to the Severn Valley, East Sussex, the New Forest, Cornwall, Dorset, the Netherlands and Poland.

Each year we take part in hiking competitions, sailing regattas and a range of events with other Scouts from our part of London.

Narrowboat trip on the Thames

Narrowboat trip on the Thames

James, Tom, Michel and Katie are the Scout Leaders. They are supported by David, Daniel and Gemma. All our leaders are volunteers.