The Sun Continues!

Another sunny day today, after the one day of rain, which is good! Let’s hope that lasts!
We had full kit inspection in Morrison sub camp today, which meant taking EVERYTHING out of our tents and laying it out neatly for a leader to check for us. We also had ‘left foot inspection’ where thye surprised the whole camp by making us remove our left shoe for inspection of foot hygiene. Blake and Jamie didn’t quite pass the test, and got sent out into the middle of the circle to be shamed!
Activities were enjoyable – Jamie, Blake and Mitchell went fishing and caught a couple of fish which they’re cooking up as we speak, and Nelly and Jaye went on the Atholl experience, camp back FILTHY, and had to endure the lovely, FREEZING showers.. yay!!In the afternoon, all six of us were off to town to do some extremely vital shopping.. rice cakes, ice cream, chilli crackers and giant lollipops! Marlon and Helen joined us too, and Marlon managed to pick up a new pair of vey cool zip-off trouser/shorts!
Tonight is ‘Blair in the Park’ our very own music festival! Should be fun, with a whole assortment of bands playing including leaders and scouts from the campsite.
Despite the chilly showerts, overall another successful day, and now the weekend, which is full of all sorts of excitement including the country fayre and the internatoinal showcase – which you’ll be sure to hear more about later!
Hope everyone is having fun at home and isn’t too jealous!!


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  1. Also I just noticed your motto is ‘Be prepared’ just like the scouts in our drama play 🙂 I guess some traditions never change, considering that play was set in the 20s!

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