Day 3: Molly’s Patrol

OMG it is so amazing here, i had never met so many people in just 2 days the people here are so friendly and the activity was outstanding than other camp i ever when on and there even fishing come on you never get fishing on a camp!
The patrol split up and did different activities, Molly and Tina did country crafts, where you make wooden woggles, bracelets and all sorts of cool stuff! The others did an assortment of activities including Atholl Experience, and went on a trip into town. Overall a successful day of activities!
This evening everyone had to cook dinner for the ‘cousins’, leaders from different countries who came to tea. It went well, and they seemed to enjoy the meal! We even managed to crack a few jokes!
Off to the ‘Kastle Karnival’ now, for some games and activities.
Can’t wait to meet new people! (You don’t know what you’re missing if you aren’t here!)


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