Thriftwood (Group Camp)

This camp was the group camp of the year and all the sections were in attendance. Young and very old, big and way too small, they all came. We were camping near a lake and were surrounded by a beautiful green forest, yet some people (not naming any names – me) decided to walk around without any shoes on and got their feet pricked and punctured from numerous sticks and inconsiderate scouts. On this camp we had the opportunity to do activities such as: rock-climbing, canoeing, ice-climbing, swimming in a lake infested with snapping turtles and most importantly, Water Zorbing.

Water Zorbing is a fine art that involves going into a huge plastic bubble that is then filled with air and zipped so you don’t drown The Zorber is then pushed out, ungracefully I might add, on to the afore-mentioned snapping-turtle-infested lake, the person inside the Zorber is then faced with a very difficult and intellectually challenging problem: standing up! This is hilarious to watch but once you get inside the Zorber you find out that, in fact, it is as difficult as it looks and then after your brief epiphany you ungraciously fall over, again!

The camp was full of funny moments and mosquito bites including the legendary moment of madness:

Scout 1: Aaaaaah I fell in a hole!
Scout 2: Ha ha ha you fool! Aaaaaah! [scout 2 falls into hall]

A great way to spend the half term weekend

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