Summer Camp 2023: East Sussex

For the first time since 2019, our Scout Troop had a week-long Summer Camp.

We returned to Bushy Wood, the campsite in the town of Hailsham owned by the Eastbourne Scouts.

Thanks to East Sussex County Council’s policy of giving children free bus travel, we did the whole thing by public transport, apart from moving the camping equipment.

Scouts worked in patrols to cook meals for the group. 

Sunday: We left Farringdon at midday, travelling by Thameslink and Southern to Polegate, where we put our luggage in a taxi while we travelled by public bus. The Scouts did an orienteering activity to explore the site.

Monday: into Eastbourne for a Treasure Trail, followed by swimming at the Sovereign Centre.

Tuesday: a ten-mile hike from Bushy Wood to Alfriston, then along the Cuckmere river to Exceat. Followed by a bus ride to Eastbourne for fish & chips on the beach.

Wednesday: to Eastbourne for windsurfing at Buzz Active in Princes Park,  then to Shanfold Farm to buy local produce in the farm shop and explore the maize maze. In the evening, to Arlington Stadium (in the pouring rain) to watch the banger and stock car racing.

Thursday: a visit to the Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceaux, including a tour of some of the telescopes previously part of the Royal Observatory.

Friday: rollerskating at MySkateWorld followed by pizza making at Bushy Wood’s new outdoor kitchen.

Saturday: bowling in Hailsham followed by an afternoon on the beach.

Sunday: a quick visit to Knockhatch Adventure Park adjacent to the campsite, then bus and train back to London.